Equipment on Engine 54

1750 GPM Pump

1000 Gallon Poly Tank

4 1 3/4" pre-connects (200 ft)

300 feet 3" Hose with Gated-y

300 feet 2 1/2" pre-connect

1050 feet 5" Large Diameter Hose

20 Gallons AFFF Foam with Foam Equipment

10 KW PTO Smart Generator

4 Permanent Mount 750 Watt Quartz lights

2 Portable Telescoping lights

9-man Cab

8 Spare Bottles

4 Gas Air Monitoring Device

6 Motorola 4 Channel Portables

1 Cutters Edge Roof Saw

1 Regular Chainsaw

2 sets of Entry Tools (Axe/Halpgan Bar)

Very Large Assortment of Hand Tools

Piercing Nozzle


Detroit Diesel Engine

Alpson Automatic Transmission

On-spot Chains

10 Flashpghts

Trauma Bag w/O2



Exhaust Fan

Electrical Cord Reel

12 Traffic Cones w/cone topper signs

Emergency Ahead Sign

Thermal Imaging Camera

Electric Positive Pressure/Rehab Fan Mini

Refrigerator with water

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